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You may assume that it's impossible to find cheap custom orthotics for your shoes, but it's not as hard of a task as you may initially think.Since you are directly ordering to the Orthotic Lab, There are plenty of great options out there for you, and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to be more comfortable in your shoes. While the exact costs will vary based on your needs, it is more than possible to get the custom shoe inserts you want at a price you can afford.
Why Wear Custom Orthotics?
Before you can make any purchase, you need to understand why it's necessary. Custom orthotics are very helpful to individuals who are experiencing pain with their feet. From daily annoyances like blisters and irritated skin to more serious issues like tendonitis and fallen arches, custom shoe inserts can cover them all. It's a simple way to help your feet get back to the shape that you need them to be in,while only costing you a fraction of what other methods would. Why pay for dangerous surgery or medications that have side effects when you can use custom orthotics for a simple and natural solution?

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5 reason you should send your custom orthotics to Our Lab

  • Lowest price on custom orthotics in Ontario
  • Free foam box for every pair of orthotic order
  • Guaranteed two weeks deliver time
  • 100% custom made orthotics
  • Full one-year manufacturing guarantee
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How To Order

Take a look through our current product lineup and find the orthotic, work boot or sandal that best suites your needs. (Don’t see or know what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with our Ask The Consulting System which allows you to contact our orthotic professionals which will advise you on finding the perfect product.)
STEP 2 : ORDER IT Whether you’ve found your perfect product online or called one of our orthotic professionals to get a recommended product, your next step is to order online.
STEP 3 : WE’LL GIVE YOU A CALL Once your order is placed, one of our orthotic professionals will call you to discuss the best type of orthotic for your needs, whether you need running/walking orthotics and/or dress etc.(If you’ve used The Consulting System and been recommended a pair of orthotics we’ll skip this.)
STEP 4 : FOOT IMPRESSION KIT Once we’ve discussed and ordered the perfect orthotic, we will then send you Foot Impression Kit. We’ll begin crafting your custom orthotics, work boots or sandals as soon as we receive your Foot Impression Kit. We offer a new industry standard of a Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

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Orthotic Online takes pride in producing one of the highest-quality, fully and semi corrective or accommodative custom orthotics in Canada using a true 3D casting(CNC milling machines). We use the most innovative and technologically advanced raw materials available anywhere in the world to ensure a high quality custom orthotic for your patient’s every single time. We provide you with a wide selection of raw materials, from some of the most advance shell material to the latest designs of top covers and mid-layers, enabling you to create the highest quality and the best fitting custom orthotics for your patients.

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