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Diabetic orthotics help to pressure distribution on plantar surface of foot, so prevent pressure sores from developing and reducing friction. A common contributing cause of excess friction and pressure on the foot is biomechanical defects of foot structure such as over-pronation (rolling in of the foot and flattening of the arches). Over-pronation leads to extreme stress or inflammation on the foot structure, potentially causing severe discomfort and leading to other foot problems specially for diabetics foot. Orthotics help to correct the position of the foot and distribute body weight normally during walking and standing. The material that use for Diabetic insoles are soft and comfort and limits blister or ulcer formation. Orthotic insoles for diabetics should be custom-made to more accommodation.
Best to use with:Casual lace-up or comfort walking shoes
Patient:Patients with diabetic or sensitive feet conditions. Designed for relieve of high pressure areas on the foot and prevent formation of ulcers.

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Ortho Diabetic/Sensitive
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