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Features a soft, full grain top cover for cushioning and breathability, and a suede bottom to help prevent sliding inside the shoes. Shock orthotics support comfortably balances the feet and provides proper body alignment. Light-weight, resilient and provides unmatched support and comfort. Three quarter length fits comfortably in dress shoes without a removable footbed. Shock orthotics dramatically reduces stress to the heel and forefoot, two of the most common areas where people experience discomfort while standing and walking. Shock orthotics are perfect for people standing on their feet all day, especially when working on hard surfaces. Shock orthotics excels at absorbing impact and dispersing pressure. As a result, it gives your patient excellent comfort, biomechanical control, and lasting pain relief.
Best to use with: Running, high or performance shoes
Patient:Designed for full control of the gait and protection against high impact sport activities. Moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

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