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High heel dress orthotics provides greater control and surface contact into women's stylish shoes with a heel up to 1.5 inches. High heel dress orthotics are thinner and narrower so can fit on little extra room high heel shoe designed to control midtarsal joint motion. High heel dress orthotics is ideal for patients who wear low-to-moderate-heeled dress shoes (lower than 1.25 inches), including loafers. High heel dress orthotics can’t make up for the fact that more load is on the forefoot due to the nature of the shoes, if you are profession demands dressier footwear, there is an option High heel dress orthotics. To be careful, wear favourite dress shoes for short periods of time and not on days. when you are doing a lot of standing or walking (are active) wear your orthotics in casual, supportive shoes.
Best to use with:High Heel dress shoes
Patient:Specially designed for High heel shoes to alleviate pressure from forefoot. Moderate biomechanical control.

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