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More consideration should be done for athletics especially for runners, a custom-made device prescribed by podiatrist have more supportive role. Although the custom-made devices cost more than those bought over-the-counter, but they are sometimes more supportive and last longer. sport orthotics help supports the bones in feet and create proper alignment of foot and ankle. This orthotic is designed to specifically change the function of foot. They influence of foot biomechanics and help to maintain in correct posture, so it causes the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to work more efficiently and therefore reduce and limit abnormal forces that cause pain and discomfort elsewhere in body. the material used for sport orthotics are most from semi-rigid to provide additional cushioning and support.
Best to use with: Sport, athletic or performance shoes 
Patient: For those who play active sports and mid distance unners, Moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

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