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Comfort Orthotics are designed to: realign joints, reduce stress, improve motion, control muscle/tendon imbalance, accommodate deformities and reduce pressure points in feet. They help restore ability to walk, run, and jump by reducing pain and swelling, and they increase the stability of unstable joints and provide better arch support. They also influence on problems in other parts of the body, such as knee, hip and lower back. Other benefits of comfort orthotics include:
• Improving the overall health of the foot and ankle
• Aligning and supporting the body, including the feet and ankles
• Preventing foot deformities
• The insert provides additional cushioning to your feet and ankles, which can prevent or reduce soreness and inflammation. These types of orthotics can be used by anyone, and are used to relieve mild foot pain and to correct minor foot problems.
Best to use with: Casual lace-up or semi-dress shoes
Patient: For those who wear variety of shoes with only one pair of orthotics. Moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

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