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Dress orthotic has flexible shape allows the device to fit in high-heeled shoes and provide gentle midtarsal joint control and metatarsal head cushioning. Foot orthotic relegates to wearing a big, bulky hard plastic orthotic that barely fits any shoes, let alone a casual or work shoe. Dress orthotics are different styles of orthotics. This means different shapes and sizes as well as using different materials. A narrow dress orthotic is just the length of your arch, without any additional materials at the forefoot. This cause not to worry about removing a liner from the shoes, they simply are placed the orthotic within the shoe and allows for an orthotic without taking up any extra space in the forefoot. This is the orthotic which can be recommend for dress shoes. It can be used for any kind of ballet flats, lace-up oxfords, low-heeled fashion boots and casual sneakers (Converse, Vans etc), as well as men’s dress shoes.
Best to use with: Dress lace-up or slip-on shoes
Patient: For those who wear with variety of dress shoes. Moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

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